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ECKANKAR in Georgia
ECKANKAR, Religion of the Light and Sound of God

ECKANKAR Introductory Books!
Title Synopsis
Is Life a Random Walk? This small book is free and available to anyone interested in finding out more about ECKANKAR and in learning some simple spiritual exercises.  Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of ECKANKAR, teaches that life follows a natural order. This lifetime is a precious chance to reawaken to your true identity. If you have a strong desire to find a better, more direct way to God, read Is Life a Random Walk? The truth you seek may be at your fingertips.
The Language of Soul: Keys to Living a More Meaningful Life A collection of inspiring quotes for reflection, this contemplative book contains twelve chapters with themes such as harmony, truth, and love, and features a single quote on each page. Take one each day and contemplate on its meaning.
Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel Composed of many stories and spiritual exercises for study, Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel provides a more extensive introduction to the principles of ECKANKAR.  Sri Harold Klemp, the leading authority on past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel, brings you startling insights in this breakthrough book. 

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